Year One Campaign Report, May 2015

The Ujala Foundation was recognized for its generous support to address some of India’s most serious health burdens.


By guest blogger Jyoti Mathad, MD, MSc, Instructor in the Division of Infectious Diseases and the Center for Global Health at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York



Dr. Amita Gupta presents Tuberculosis in Pregnancy.



Researcher, Amita Gupta, Tackles TB in India


Ujala and Wyncote Foundations support scholar research to fight TB in India   


Joint pledge of over $5 million will support health research and education in India


Dublin Summit Examines How Technology Can Address Global Healthcare Challenges


Health Department Launches TB Trial with emocha® App

Campaign Launches to Support Indo-JHU Health Partnership

Indo-JHU Health Partnership Leads to wide range of internationally-recognized research projects

CCGHE has trained more than 10,000 Indian clinicians and scientists through our educational programs.

24 years old married female, contractual manual laborer, migrant from Karnataka state, staying in Pune since 5 years, PLHIV...

36 yo male is diagnosed w/ pyogenic meningitis and started on treatment after presenting w/fever, chills, disorientation and rt lower limb weakness.

57 yo homeless US bon M presentd to OSH with weakness, productive cough, dyspnea x 1 wk on 2/17/15.  CXR: mod large R pleural effusion with consolidation.

Over the course of this lecture Dr. Kelly Dooley describes a planned trial for novel treatment of TB meningitis in children after covering TB in children, TB meningitis, and the approach that led to the TBM-KIDS trial design.

44 year old Filipino male with a history of 2 renal transplants.  Presents with fevers, dry cough and abdominal pain.  Reports some blood in sputum and pleuritic pain.  Differential Diagnosis?  Further work up?  Empiric therapy?

44 yr old male HIV reactive - 12 yrs recently started on ART.  Regimen - ZLN.  Baseline CD4- 211 cells/cumm.  Admitted to hospital with c/o- jerky involuntary movements- Lt UL, Rt LL limb, blurring vision in both eyes.

6 yo boy develops lower extremity weakness, abdominal pain, 1 episode of vomitting, headache and fever; @day 2, treated for presumed constipation.  By day 5, he is having difficulty walking-off balance, difficulty urinating and increased irritability. 

A 45 year old male rag-picker by occupation, came with complaints of weakness of both lower limbs since 2 months, initially developed weakness in right lower limb distally then also progressed to involve the left lower limbs.