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A 45 year old male rag-picker by occupation, came with complaints of weakness of both lower limbs since 2 months, initially developed weakness in right lower limb distally then also progressed to involve the left lower limbs.

80 yo F presenting to ED with worsening SOB x few months.  Exercise tolerance decreased from 150 to 50 ft in last week.  Dry cough.  No fevers, chills, NS, wt loss, hemoptysis.


54 yo female with active crack cocaine nasal use and depression; presented with earlobe and lower extremity acute dark purple lesions that had gotten progressively worse and ulcerated over last 5 days.

In this lecture, Dr. Richard Chaisson describes the design of three recent trials that were initiated to study options for shortening TB treatment (both individual drugs and regimens)...



This first case is of a 33 year old man with PMHx of HIV (not on HAART) presents to the JHH ED with impaired balance and dysarthria.  Began 4 weeks ago.  Feeling less steady when walking --> unable to walk in a straight line and stumbling.

37 y/o man from Honduras presented to outside hospital with hemoptysis.

Chest Xray showed bilateral infiltrates.  AFB smear-positive (3+).  GeneXpert Positive (Rif sensitive).



37 year old married lady, k/co/o HIV since 5 months (not an ART) presented with 1 month history of fever with chills, abdominal pain, diarrhea, anorexia, weight loss.

79 y/o presents with Afib with RVR.  Echo reveals EF 54% with mod pericardial effusion.  Normal BP and converts with amiodarone.