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A 39-year-old man with a past medical history of HIV on ART (last CD4 count of 230) and pulmonary TB/TB meningitis diagnosed 2 months prior...

22 year old woman from Zambia: Living in the US since 2011 and going to school, lives with sister and bofriend, all from Zambia, interns 20-30 hours a week at an accounting firm.

38 year old female patient admitted on 15/9/15 came with fever on-off since 15 days, multiple painful lesions all over body since 15 days, slurring of speech since 2-3 days, 1 episode of convulsion on day of admission.

32 year old male, driver by occupation, presented with complaints of: Swallowing difficulty, both for solids & liquids since 2 months, weakness in Rt. Upper & Lower limb with difficulty in lifting & holding objects with right hand - 15 days, difficulty in walking - 15 days.

A 24 year old woman with newly diagnosed HIV and no prior past medical history presents to the emergency department with 2 weeks of a dry cough and 1 week of fevers up to 39 degrees Celsius.

36 y/o HIV seropositive male with pulmonary koch and CNS tuberculomas admits with c/o abdominal pain, swelling of both LL, fever, decreased urine output, scrotal swelling and pain. H/o night sweats and weight loss. Baseline CD4= 175. MRI brain s/o lesion in Lt. occipital region.