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This first case is of a 33 year old man with PMHx of HIV (not on HAART) presents to the JHH ED with impaired balance and dysarthria.  Began 4 weeks ago.  Feeling less steady when walking --> unable to walk in a straight line and stumbling.

37 y/o man from Honduras presented to outside hospital with hemoptysis.

Chest Xray showed bilateral infiltrates.  AFB smear-positive (3+).  GeneXpert Positive (Rif sensitive).



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Sarah Bur provides an overview of incarceration in the US and reviews TB and TB control in prisons.

37 year old married lady, k/co/o HIV since 5 months (not an ART) presented with 1 month history of fever with chills, abdominal pain, diarrhea, anorexia, weight loss.

79 y/o presents with Afib with RVR.  Echo reveals EF 54% with mod pericardial effusion.  Normal BP and converts with amiodarone.


Development of Long-Acting/ Extended Release (LA/ER) Small Molecule Antiretroviral (ARV) Medications/Regimens for the Treatment of HIV.  

Dr. Bollinger's Fogarty Training Award will support and strategically expand the institutional research capacity and scientific leadership at BJMC in HIV-TB epidemiology, clinical and laboratory research.