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Fogarty training program gets a lift from Hewlett Packard

Originating as a solution to educate health workers in developing countries, emocha is now a powerful platform that...

"View this special lecture by Dr. Jaideep Gogtay"

Campaign Launches to Support Indo-JHU Health Partnership

Indo-JHU Health Partnership Leads to wide range of internationally-recognized research projects

CCGHE has trained more than 10,000 Indian clinicians and scientists through our educational programs.

CCGHE welcomed scientists from the Centro de Estudios e Investigacion en Salud.

  • Case Discussion: 60yo female presents with mild fever, productive cough and dyspnea on exertion x15days.
  • Case Discussion: 40 yo male with HIV for 2 years presents with 1 month history of fever, abdominal pain, weight loss and left side neck swelling
  • SPECIAL LECTURE: Foundations of Adolescent Health
  • Case Discussion: 42yo HIV+ male who is noncompliant w/ART and alcoholic.

34 year-ld Indian woman with history of smear and culture negative TB treatment in India and US 2006-2007.

Subsequent progressive respiratory decline secondary to presumed interstitial lung disease.  Now s/p lung transpant in June 2014.

45yo male complains of fever with chills x 2-3 mos, headache and giddiness, no h/o diplopia, blurring of vision, breathlessness on exertion x1 mo.  H/o decreased appetite and weight loss x3 mos.

In this lecture, Dr. Adolfo Cambule describes community-based programs in Mozambique that have made an impact on TB control.

If you missed our most recent Case Discussion, you can view it on-demand HERE. Click "Read More..." for a complete list of archived cases.


If you missed our most recent TB Case Discussion, you can view it on-demand HERE. Click "Read More..." for a complete list of archived cases.


Development of Long-Acting/ Extended Release (LA/ER) Small Molecule Antiretroviral (ARV) Medications/Regimens for the Treatment of HIV.  

Dr. Bollinger's Fogarty Training Award will support and strategically expand the institutional research capacity and scientific leadership at BJMC in HIV-TB epidemiology, clinical and laboratory research.