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What is emocha®?

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The electronic Mobile Comprehensive Health Application (emocha®) is an application, developed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Clinical Global Health Education. emocha® is a secure, highly flexible and adaptable, mHealth application developed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Clinical Global Health Education. emocha® is designed to leverage mobile phones to assist health programs, researchers, providers, and patients improve communication, education, patient care, and data collection. emocha® synergizes the power of mobile technology, Android-supported devices, video and audio files, and a server-based application to analyze and GPS-map large amounts of data, implement interactive multimedia training, and streamline data collection and analyses.

In late 2013, emocha® was exclusively licensed and spun off as a start up company.  emocha Mobile Health Inc now operates out of Baltimore.

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What Can emocha® Do?

  1. Mobile Data Capture - smarforms, multmedia, barcodes, data visualization

  2. Communication - SMS, email, push notifications

  3. Education - multimedia library, health coaching, knowledge assessment

  4. Adherence - medication, care plan, video DOT (miDOT)

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How is emocha® making a Difference?

emocha® projects are growing in number and the CCGHE has used the platform in a wide-range of health care, public health and research programs in Uganda, Afghanistan, the US, Central America, and India.  These diverse projects include community and home based strategies to optimize HIV counseling and testing, HIV treatment adherence, TB diagnosis and treatment, maternal and child health, reduction of IV drug use, management of chronic diseases, and prevention of domestic violence. CLICK HERE to view a brief video about emocha®.

For more information about CCGHE's mobile health projects, contact: Larry Chang MD, MPH

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