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Trials: Evidence for tuberculosis treatment in children is largely extrapolated from adult studies. The SHINE study will yield information about shorter and more effective TB treatment for kids.

Clinical Infectious Diseases: Select immune markers can identify women at higher risk for pre-term birth in HIV-1-infected populations; modulating gut barrier integrity and microbial translocation may have an effect.

Diagnostic strategies adapted for season and age may reduce diagnostic uncertainty and identify causative organisms in treatable, fatal causes of AFI.

This year's themes: Maintaining healthy nutrition, addressing mental heatlh challenges, and the latest in TB research. 

Indo-JHU Clinical Resarch Partnership is participating with Brazilian colleagues in a 3-year effort led by Boston University to identify what contributes to TB drug resistance.

"The Indo-US clinical research & education partnership started with a single NIH grant to study maternal-infant HIV transmission." Now with 76 studies underway, this short film chronicles the history & impact of our work in India. 

70 year old female from Vietnam presenting in October with 3-4 week history of epigastric pain, fever, sweats, nausea, and weight loss

19 year old woman presents with subjective fever X 1.5 months

Review article on prevalence and screening and diagnostic methods for gestational diabetes in India.

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Jeff Tornheim's research on drug-resistant tuberculosis in India garners high honors from Johns Hopkins Department of Medicine.

First randomized clinical trail of IPT in pregnant and postpartum women may suggest need for WHO guideline change.

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The Indo-JHU Clinical Research Partnership participated in this important study that could change TB prevention for people living with HIV.

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Emocha's app is helping tuberculosis patients in Fresno County stick to their treatment plans.

The Most Innovative Companies list recognizes pioneering companies across 36 categories, from health to artificial intelligence to wellness.

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CCGHE Director Bob Bollinger weighs in on WHO's priority pathogens for 2018.