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Purple ribbon promoting awareness about gender based violence

ID Clinical Minute is now available for Continuing Medical Education Credit!

"The Indo-US clinical research & education partnership started with a single NIH grant to study maternal-infant HIV transmission." Now with 76 studies underway, this short film chronicles the history & impact of our work in India. 

What a year! Our 2017 Year In Review outlines the most ambitious 365 days we’ve had to date.

Lancet Global Health: This letter by Dr. Sachin Atre outlines factors that complicate pharmaceutical regulation in India, which is a component of WHO's Global Antimicrobial Resistance Action Plan.

BMC Womens Health: In our study, 23% of women reported experiencing gender based violence, and 90% reported they had never been asked about it in the healthcare setting. 

A 19 year old college-attending man presented with: Moderate grade fever with chills X  7-10 days,
Altered sensorium since morning, No H/...

Needle and vial of vaccine

Dr. Vidya Mave is leading this clinical trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of a new recombinant BCG vaccine.

Secondhand smoke

Pediatrics: Dr. Jessica Elf and colleagues evaluated the validity of standard self-reported measures for secondhand smoke (SHS)...

The Most Innovative Companies list recognizes pioneering companies across 36 categories, from health to artificial intelligence to wellness.

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CCGHE Director Bob Bollinger weighs in on WHO's priority pathogens for 2018.

CCGHE invented the emocha Mobile Health platform, and it's changing the way tuberculosis patients are cared for.

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Bob Bollinger interviewed about utility of mobile health in keeping patients connected to care.

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emocha's video Directly Observed Therapy is highlighted in this report.

World AIDS Day Organizing Team at BJGMC

150 people participated in a non-communicable diseases awareness camp for people in Pune, India, living with HIV.