Tuberculosis bacteria under microscope
Photo of mother and infant
Zika Surveillance Among Pregnant Women in India

C-TRIUMPH nested study begins to see if stringent response antigen is enhanced while treating drug-susceptible TB using the first-line anti-TB regimen.

New study in Pune, India, aims to identify the profile of TB antibodies between mothers and infants, and to see if the presence of antibodies lowers risk of infant infection.

India leads the world in dengue cases. CCGHE researchers are keeping an eye on Zika among pregnant women, which is transmitted by the same mosquito & can cause devastating birth defects.

Sepsis among newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is a big problem in India, and a complex one to untangle.

Learn about CCGHE's work to improve infectious disease prevention & treatment around the world.

Case Review: 62 yo, previously healthy male from Cape Verde; presented to PCP in Dec 2015; abscesses on chest, back & axilla.

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Dr. Maunank Shah & colleagues review interventions to keep HIV patients linked to care.

In a multi-country study, we are assessing the accuracy of the BD MAX rapid MDR-TB assay to detect rifampin and isoniazid resistance.

Photo of Dr. Jeffrey Tornheim

His research explores whether 2 MDR-TB drug susceptibility tests using WGS & MIC can yield options for individualized treament.

Photo of Dr. Amita Gupta

India ranks highest in global disease burden. Dr. Amita Gupta weighs in on how to reverse that.

Fogarty Director Dr. Roger Glass asks why so few women are leading global health centers at med schools or filling other leadership roles.

Kathleen Page talks herpes transmission in a SELF Magazine feature.

Photo of Dr. Kathleen Page

Dr. Kathleen Page in the New York Times: US government deportation crackdown is affecting healthcare access among undocumented immigrants.

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Baltimore Sun: emocha received award to expand miDOT capabilities to help care providers treat opioid addiction.