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C. diff is one of the most common healthcare-associated infections in the United States; this issue covers the latest updates in testing and clinical care.

Authors find that screening contacts of TB patients for pre-DM/DM and linking them to care may mitigate the risk of developing tuberculosis and improve management of diabetes.

The Hill: OpEd by Dr. Bob Bollinger:  During epidemics, time is of the essence. Quick delivery of care to sick patients eases the human impact and lowers the cost of disease.

Annals of Global Health: Systems capacity building approach to PhD training allowed strong outputs at lower cost and with relatively few additional mentors to train independent scientists able to conduct original research and mentor others.

BMC Infectious Diseases: Our survey among TB patients' household contacts with evidence of recent exposure found that knowledge is poor and families are confused about disease transmission.

"The Indo-US clinical research & education partnership started with a single NIH grant to study maternal-infant HIV transmission." Now with 76 studies underway, this short film chronicles the history & impact of our work in India. 

Global Grand Rounds in Infectious Diseases Case Conference

- 60 Year old man with a past medical history of HCV of cirrhosis presents with hand pain
- Morning of admission had been boating on...

Global Grand Rounds in Infectious Diseases Case Conference

A 49 year old male farmer presented with c/o: 15 days of shortness of breath, easy fatigability, dry cough, intermittent fever (100°F) 

ID Clinical Minute is available for Continuing Medical Education Credit!

Dr. Jyoti Mathad

Video by Weill Cornell Medicine features Jyoti Mathad and her work with the Indo-JHU Clinical Research Partnership.

Dr. Maunank Shah

Award recognizes significant contributions to tuberculosis prevention & control in MD....

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Study shows success with TB therapy observation conducted via video instead of via in-person clinic visits.

World Health Day group activities at BJGMC Clinical Research Site in Pune, India

This year's themes: Maintaining healthy nutrition, addressing mental heatlh challenges, and the latest in TB research. 

Dr. Jeffrey Tornheim

Jeff Tornheim's research on drug-resistant tuberculosis in India garners high honors from Johns Hopkins Department of Medicine.

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First randomized clinical trail of IPT in pregnant and postpartum women may suggest need for WHO guideline change.