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BMC Womens Health: In our study, 23% of women reported experiencing gender based violence, and 90% reported they had never been asked about it in the healthcare setting. 

In Pediatrics: Dr. Jessica Elf and colleagues evaluated the validity of standard self-reported measures for secondhand smoke (SHS) exposure among women and children in urban India.

Dr. Vidya Mave and colleagues found that INH levels in hair among highly-adherent individuals did not correlate well with plasma AUC or trough concentrations, suggesting that each measure may provide incremental and complementary information regarding drug exposure in the context of TB treatment.

Open Forum Infectious Diseases: Modeling and simulations analyzed by Dr. Maunank Shah and colleagues suggest that cutting HIV incidence in half by 2025 will require 95% of people living with HIV to be engaged in care.

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Dr. Vidya Mave is leading this clinical trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of a new recombinant BCG vaccine.

In the last 5 years, urine TB diagnostic testing has emerged as a promising area of focus for point-of-care diagnostic testing in high-burden,...

Clinical decision support embedded within the electronic health record is a potential antibiotic stewardship strategy for hospitalized patients...

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Bob Bollinger interviewed about utility of mobile health in keeping patients connected to care.

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emocha's video Directly Observed Therapy is highlighted in this report.

World AIDS Day Organizing Team at BJGMC

150 people participated in a non-communicable diseases awareness camp for people in Pune, India, living with HIV.

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emocha's video Directly Observed Therapy helped officials maintain continuity of care for TB patients following Hurricane Harvey.

In 4 years, the CCGHE has tripled its capacity for conducting research on grave health threats, thanks to strong philanthropic support.

Amita Gupta

Dr. Amita Gupta's invited commentary: Can Indian transform its role in the global TB epidemic?