Kathleen Page briefs UN Security Council on Venezuela humanitarian crisis, April 9, 2019
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Widespread shortages of food, medicine, and supplies have led to malnutrition and a dearth of health care for patients in Venezuela. By many indicators, public health has been set back decades.

Exciting findings from A5279: One month of Rifapentine with isonaizid is as effective as a 9-month course of isoniazid alone!

Measles is a highly contagious viral disease. Following exposure, 90% of persons without immunity to the virus will develop measles.

International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease: The Indo-JHU Clinical Research Parentership participated in this multinational study to determine if it's feasible to provide HIV testing for household contacts of MDR-TB cases. 

Venezuela protestors

The Lancet: The economic crisis in Venezuela has eroded the country's health-care infrastructure and threatened public health.


New analysis published in Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy!

Global Grand Rounds in Infectious Diseases Case Conference

A 64 year old man presented with high grade fever, intermittent in nature, associated with chills (15-20 days).

Kathleen Page

UN News: Dr. Kathleen Page & colleagues briefed the UN Security Council on Venezuela's health crisis

Robert Bollinger

In a FierceHealthcare World TB Day Op-ed, Bob Bollinger discusses what's needed to eliminate TB

Amita Gupta

Infectious Disease News caught up with Dr. Amita Gupta at CROI 2019 to talk about TB prevention among people living with HIV.

REPRIEVE Team Members of the BJGMC Clinical Research Site

Staff and nearly 140 participants in the REPRIEVE study gathered for a community event in Pune, India

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NPR interviews Dr. Kathleen Page about Venezuela's humanitarian crisis

Kathleen Page

Dr. Kathleen Page's OpEd in the Washington Post