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Tuberculosis bacteria under microscope

CCGHE's Dr. Bob Bollinger discusses the utility of emocha in treating patients in remote areas.

ID Clinical Minute is now available for Continuing Medication Education Credit! 

C-TRIUMPH nested study begins to see if stringent response antigen is enhanced while treating drug-susceptible TB using the first-line anti-TB regimen.

New study in Pune, India, aims to identify the profile of TB antibodies between mothers and infants, and to see if the presence of antibodies lowers risk of infant infection.

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19 year-old man living in Pune, India, presents with 5 days of high grade fever with chills, nausea, vomiting,...

Case Review: 62 yo, previously healthy male from Cape Verde; presented to PCP in Dec 2015; abscesses on chest, back & axilla.

CCGHE is keeping an eye on Zika among pregnant women, which is transmitted by mosquitoes & can cause devastating birth defects.

Four fellows from the BJGMC-JHU Fogarty HIV-TB Training Program make national headlines in India.

Map of southwest India

TB research underway by the Indo-JHU clinical research partnership is highlighted in the US Interagency TB Newsletter.

CCGHE Joins 12-Country UNITAID Effort to Control TB

Shorter course to prevent progression of latent TB to active disease is the aim of the effort

Photo of Dr. Bob Bollinger

The NIH Fogarty International Center announced today the appointment of CCGHE Founding Director Dr. Robert C. Bollinger to the Center's Advisory...

Dr. Bob Bollinger talks with the NIH Fogarty Center about development of the emocha mobile health platform.

. . . "We still do have a lot of people on protease inhibitors in this country," Chida told MedPage Today. "Data to prove the safety and sustain...