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Donor Recognition

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WITH YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT, the CCGHE's Distance Education Courses bring
Johns Hopkins experts to front-line clinicians in resource-limited countries

With gratitude, we acknowledge and thank the people and organizations listed below for their generous support.

To see more on programs offered, click here .

Agarwal, Brajesh and Pasha 
Aumayr, Paul 
Bagaria, Dr. Suren
Beitzel, George and Mary 
Brennan, John and Cathy
Brondeau, Pierre
Chandy, Sunu 
Cohen , David and Debbie Cohen
Downing, Robert 
Fischer, Bruce G. 
Gupta, Permanand and Usha 
Gupta, Dr. Prabodth and Mrs. Jean
Gupta, Rajiv and Kamla
Haas, David 
Henderson, James A.
Hodgson, John and Lynda 
Hussein, Imtiyaz & Michael Wartofsky
Joseph, Dr. Mary M. 
Kaiser, James
Kansal, Yogesh and Indu
Kiely, John and Mary 
Klinsky, Steve
Krohl, Jack and Jan
Li, Dr. Xinhui and Mr. Stephen Ning
Menezes, Victor 
Mitarai, Freia 
Moose, Sandra 
Norton, Chris and Carter Norton
Nunes, Edgar 
Pferd, Jeffrey
Pogge, Thomas
Ritrievi, Kimberly 
Schmitz, Dr. and Mrs. Ronaldo H. 
Shaffer, Fred 
Shah, Kumar and Susan 
Shah, Raj and Bharti
Shankwalkar, Sundeep
Shipley, Richard 
Silver, Stephanie 
Silverman, Stanley 
Singh, Manoj and Rita
Skellie, Dr. Fred and Mrs. Karen 
Sumner, Charlotte
Todi, Nand and Sashi
Wasylyshyn, Dr. Karol M. and Ken Butera
Whitworth, Ralph
Wilson, J. Lawrence and Barbara
Yohe, Robert and Judith 
Zoidis, Paul and Aleta 
Brayton Wilbur Foundation
Dow Chemical Company Foundation
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Gilead Foundation
HB Fuller Company Foundation
John and Amy Weinberg Foundation
My Two Sons Fund
Nalco Foundation
Northwater Foundation
Otto Haas Charitable Trust
The Indira Foundation
The VF Foundation
Ujala Foundation
Vijay and Marie Goradia Foundation
Vincent and Marjorie Gregory, Jr.
Wilbur-Ellis Company Foundation
William Penn Foundation
Wyncote Foundation
Auxillium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Black Enterprise Magazine
Guerin Management Consulting, Inc.
Lazard Freres & Co. LLC
Nova Chemicals
Capital Technology Information Services, Inc
Decision Counsel
Persistent Systems
Suzanne Heinrichs