India HIV Case Discussion

Hosted by Dr. Natasha Chida, this is a case-based discussion series among and for clinicians caring for patients with HIV/AIDS. Participants in this series include the Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Government Medical College; National AIDS Research Institute; DY Patil Medical College, Hospital, and Research Center; and and Krishna Medical College.

India HIV Case Discussion (2016-10-20) Case 2

Dr. Nitish Singh
37yr/female. K/c/o HIV-1 reactive since 4 months (Dec 2015). Came to SGH in April 2016 with c/o 1) diminished vision in both the eyes since 1 month 2) involuntary movements of right hand since 1 month.

India HIV Case Discussion (2016-10-20) Case 1

Dr. Mitty George
A 32yr old female, resident of Shirur, Pune. k/c/o PLHIV since 2 year on ART. Presented with c/o. Nausea, vomiting, fatigue, malaise, decrease in appetite for 1 month.

India HIV Case Discussion (2016-08-18) Case 1

Dr. Aken Desai
35 y/o female, recently diagnosed with HIV, presented with: Fever—intermittent, fluctuating between 101-103 o F, associated with chills for 2 weeks; dry cough for 2 weeks

India HIV Case Discussion (2016-08-18) Case 2

Dr. Saurabh Gandhi
19 year old lady presented to our OPD with the history of - - weakness of B/L lower limbs i.e. she had difficulty in getting up from squatting position and climbing upstairs associated with muscle cramps since last 6 months

India HIV Case Discussion (2016-07-21) Case 1

Dr. Piyush Prajapati, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences
A 35 y/o female presents with headache and giddiness for 13-15 days; vomiting, decreased appetite and generalized weakness for 10 days; detected HIV positive 10 days prior. A case of CNS Toxoplasmosis.

India HIV Case Discussion (2016-05-19)

Dr. Shraddha Bapat
This month's case discussion features a 42 year old female who presented March 3, 2016, with complaints of a dry cough persisting for 3-4 weeks

India HIV Case Discussion (2016-03-17) - Case 2

Dr. Jagdale Nilesh
A 65 year female, admitted with the complaints of: - Reduced appetite since 1 month - Pain in abdomen since 15 days - Vomiting 3-4 episodes since 15 days - Giddiness since 15 days N/H/O - Haematemesis, Faver, Headache, Diplopia, Ear discharge

India HIV Case Discussion (2016-03-17) - Case 1

Dr. Amit Kothari
51 year old female, housewife by occupation came with c/o: - Difficulty in walking with swaying to either side which increased during night since 2 months - History of slipping of footwear without knowledge since 2 months - Pain in Abdomen, diffuse but more in epigastrium since 1 month associated...

India HIV Clinical Case Discussion (2015-12-17) - Case 2

Dr. Abhishek Bansal
A 40 year-old-man with a history of untreated HIV and a last known CD4 count of 112 presents to a hospital in India with 10 days of weakness in the upper and lower extremities, ataxia, and a new rash over his left lower extremity and face.

India HIV Clinical Case Discussion (2015-12-17) - Case 1

Dr. Jagdale Nilesh
A 39-year-old man with a past medical history of HIV on ART (last CD4 count of 230) and pulmonary TB/TB meningitis diagnosed 2 months prior...

India HIV Clinical Case Discussion (2015-10-15) - Case 1

Dr. Rajkumar Gaikwad
38 year old female patient admitted on 15/9/15 came with fever on-off since 15 days, multiple painful lesions all over body since 15 days, slurring of speech since 2-3 days, 1 episode of convulsion on day of admission.

India HIV Clinical Case Discussion (2015-10-15) - Case 2

Dr. Vivek Singh Rathore
32 year old male, driver by occupation, presented with complaints of: Swallowing difficulty, both for solids & liquids since 2 months, weakness in Rt. Upper & Lower limb with difficulty in lifting & holding objects with right hand - 15 days, difficulty in walking - 15 days.

India HIV Clinical Case Conference (2015-07-15) - Case 1

Dr. Natasha Chida
A 24 year old woman with newly diagnosed HIV and no prior past medical history presents to the emergency department with 2 weeks of a dry cough and 1 week of fevers up to 39 degrees Celsius.

India HIV Clinical Case Discussion (2015-06-17) - Case 1

Dr. Hamza Dalal
HIV-infected Indian man with CD4 account 423 and undetectable plasma viral load on HAART, who presents with neurological symptoms and a CNS HIV viral load of >1 million copies/ml.

India HIV Clinical Case Discussion (2015-06-17) - Case 2

Dr. Shrikant Hegade
36 y/o HIV seropositive male with pulmonary koch and CNS tuberculomas admits with c/o abdominal pain, swelling of both LL, fever, decreased urine output, scrotal swelling and pain. H/o night sweats and weight loss. Baseline CD4= 175. MRI brain s/o lesion in Lt. occipital region.

India HIV Clinical Case Discussion (2015-05-20)

Dr. Yogesh Daware
24 years old married female, contractual manual laborer, migrant from Karnataka state, staying in Pune since 5 years, PLHIV...

India HIV Clinical Case Discussion (2015-04-15)

Dr. Prashant Bhattad
36 yo male is diagnosed w/ pyogenic meningitis and started on treatment after presenting w/fever, chills, disorientation and rt lower limb weakness.

India HIV Clinical Case Discussion (2015-03-18) - Case 1

Dr. Akshay Dhamme
65/F presented for complaints of double vision since 10days, more on looking left. Frontal Headache since 10 days, throbbin type. History of fever, low grade since 10 days.

India HIV Clinical Case Discussion (2015-03-18) - Case 2

Dr. Anurag Aggarwal, J.R. II
A 38 year old housewife, detected HIV+ve, had complaints of 1) Weakness in left side of the body 6 years; 2) Burning sensation in both the palms and soles 6 years

India HIV Clinical Case Discussion (2015-02-18) - Case 1

Dr. Rahul Mahajan, J.R. III
15 yr old female K\C\O PLHIV since 10 yrs on ART since last 2 yrs. C/O 1) Focal continuous convulsions involving face and left UL and left LL since 3 day

India HIV Clinical Case Discussion (2015-02-18) - Case 2

Dr. Rohan Badave JR-III
- 57 yrs Male - Brought by relative with c/o -Loose motions: since 10 days 7-8 episodes/day, watery, non foul smelling, not continining mucus or blood. - Breathlessness: since 15 days, increasing progressively from NYHA Gr. 1- Gr. III

India HIV Clinical Case Discussion (2015-01-21)

44 yr old male HIV reactive - 12 yrs recently started on ART. Regimen - ZLN. Baseline CD4- 211 cells/cumm. Admitted to hospital with c/o- jerky involuntary movements- Lt UL, Rt LL limb, blurring vision in both eyes.