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ID Clinical Minute is designed to provide US-based and international clinicians and trainees with synopses of information about infectious disease practice relevant for the care of adults. Subjects include the diagnosis, treatment, and management of infectious diseases, emerging infectious diseases, disease outbreaks and epidemics, as well as reviews of groundbreaking articles. Additionally, when there are emerging clinical events, ID Clinical Minute will distribute special posts that provide subscribers with timely, topically-driven information to help clinicians make informed decisions about disease management.

Editorial authority for the content of ID Clinical Minute is maintained by the Johns Hopkin Center for Clinical Global Health Education (CCGHE), and does not represent or advance official positions of the Johns Hopkins University or any of its legal entities, Johns Hopkins Medicine, or the Johns Hopkins Health System. For further information, please refer to the Terms of Use.

ID Clinical Minute is intended solely as an educational resource specifically for healthcare providers, and is not be construed as medical guidance for patients on disease prevention, diagnosis, or treatment. Patients should consult their healthcare providers for clinical guidance related to their care.

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ID Clinical Minute is supported with unrestricted CCGHE funding. Products, Medications, & Devices ID Clinical Minute does not accept advertising or editorial contributions from, nor is the publication developed with funding provided by, any pharmaceutical companies or commercial product developers. Products, medications, and devices mentioned in ID Clinical Minute are referenced for educational purposes only and are not endorsed by CCGHE, ID Clinical Minute authors, editors or staff, Johns Hopkins University or any of its legal entities, Johns Hopkins Medicine, or the Johns Hopkins Health System, University or Health System faculty or staff, or subscribers of ID Clinical Minute. Clinicians and healthcare providers should consult standard clinical resources before prescribing medications and administering care to their patients.