Bacterial Antimicrobial Resistance Patterns in Pune, India: Substudy on the Introduction of Triage to a Triage Naïve Emergency Department in Pune, India, and the Effects on Patient Flow

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Despite state-of-the-art inpatient facilities, Sassoon General Hospital (SGH) in Pune, India, does not currently have a method of triaging the large volume of patients they care for on a daily basis.
Based on prior studies in low to middle income countries with underdeveloped emergency medical systems, we feel that implementation of the South African Triage Score (SATS) in the SGH emergency department (ED) would improve patient throughput and, consequentially, outcomes.

With the assistance of stakeholders at SGH, we plan to first measure patient flow with a modified SATS tool, and then train experienced nurses to use the SATS tools to assign triage designations to patients. We will measure differences in length of stay and time from entry of the emergency department to being seen by a physician pre and post triage implementation. 
  • Primary Objective: Measure the waiting times of patients that present to the SGH-ED for care during the study period 
  • Secondary Objective: Implement the SATS tool at SGH-ED and compare the impact of the tool on patient flow and left without being seen (LWBS) rates.