Amita Nagaraj

Pune, India
Senior Financial Administrator
Amita Nagaraj

Ms. Nagaraj (Seymour) has a bachelor’s degree in commerce majoring in accounting, and has fourteen years of experience in budgeting and monitoring all financial and administrative aspects of the BJMC subcontracts.

She is currently Senior Financial Administrator for the BJGMC Clinical Research Site (BJGMC-CRS) in India. She is responsible for preparing all budgets and justifications for the BJGMC-CRS; ensuring compliance with the sponsor procurement requirements; overseeing HR with regard to staff contracts, payroll, taxes; ensuring that all expenses are correctly and timely recorded; overseeing the preparation and reconciliation of BJGMC-CRS project accounts and monthly invoices. She also ensures that BJGMC-CRS audits are completed in a timely manner. Ms. Nagaraj prepares budgets and its justification for network and other studies undertaken by the  John Hopkins University (JHU) Pune office. She also is in charge of staff contracts and payroll, procurement and payments; taking care that time audit are done. She coordinates with CCGHE Senior Research Service Analyst in the preparation of budget projections and trends, ensuring that financial activities and procedures are in compliance with sponsor regulations, and assisting with preparing the annual financial reports and annual progress reports due to the sponsor.

BWI CTU: Baltimore-Washington-India Clinical Trials Unit

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Comprising clinical trial sites at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, Whitman Walker Health in Washington, DC, and the BJGMC-CCGHE collaboration in Pune, India, the Baltimore-Washington-India Clinical Trials Unit (BWI-CTU) is one of only 25 international HIV/TB clinical trial sites funded by the...