CCGHE at the Union 2017

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There is lots of exciting research being conducted by the Indo-JHU partnership. Come say hello and hear about what's happening!


Biological Differences in Tuberculosis Diagnosis and Disease in Women

Speaker: Jyoti Mathad

2017-10-12  |  11:15-11:30

Hall 3: Events Ballroom

Symposium: From Bench to Bassinet: Scientific Innovations: The Fight against Maternal-Infant TB

Chair: Amita Gupta

2017-10-12  |  16:00-17:30

Hall 3: Events Ballroom

Barriers to Contact Screening and Isoniazid Preventive Therapy among Pediatric Contacts of Adults with Smear-positive Tuberculosis

Belgaumkar V, Chandanwale A, Valvi C, Khadse S, Jain D, Dhumal G, Bollinger RC, Deluca A

Fogarty Scholar Presentation

2017-10-12  |  12:45-13:45

Poster Area

Drug Susceptibility of Rifampin-resistant Tuberculosis using Whole Genome Sequencing to Identify Genes of Interest in Pune, India

Tornheim JA, Madugundu AK, Pradhan N, Bharadwaj R, Mave V, Golub J, Pandey A, Gupta A

2017-10-12  |  12:55-13:00

Poster Area



Managing Tuberculosis in Pregnant Women and Newborns

Meet the Expert Session: Amita Gupta

2017-10-13  |  12:15 – 13:15

Hall 2: Events Ballroom

High Burden of Genital TB Among Women with Infertility in India - Need for an Intensified Approach

Naik SN, Chandanwale A, Joshi S, Mave V, Dhumal G, DeLuca A, Gupta A, Bollinger R

Fogarty Scholar Presentation

2017-10-13  |  12:45-12:50

Poster Area

A Study to Compare Efficacy of Oral High Dose Rifampicin with Standard Dose Rifampicin in Tuberculous Meningitis

Basavaraj A, Avhad A, Kadam D

Fogarty Scholar Presentation

2017-10-13  |  12:45-13:45

Poster Area

Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency among Indian Children with Tuberculosis and Age- and Sex-matched Controls

Kinikar A, Chandanwale A, Dixit S, Jubilus J, Jain S, Bharadwaj R, Mave V, Gupte N, DeLuca A, Gupta A, Bollinger RC

Fogarty Scholar Presentation

2017-10-13  |  13:05-13:10

Poster Area

Lack of TB Knowledge Among TST-Positive Household Contacts of Pulmonary Cases: A Missed Opportunity

DeLuca A, Dhumal G, Paradkar M, Suryavanshi N, Mave V, Kohli R, Shivakumar SVBY, Gupta A

Session: News and Updates on LTBI

2017-10-13  |  16:48-16:54

Hall 11: Jalisco Hall



The ACTG IMPAACT PHOENIx Feasibility Study: Implications for Country Programs

Speaker: Amita Gupta

Symposium: Post-exposure Management of Households Exposed to Drug-resistant Tuberculosis: Lessons from the Field

2017-10-14  |  11:30-11:50 am

Hall 13: Jalisco Hall

Delays and Barriers to Early Treatment Initiation for Childhood Tuberculosis in India

Valvi C, Chandanwale A, Khadse A, Kulkarni R, Kadam D, Dhumal G, Bollinger RC, Deluca A

Fogarty Scholar Presentation

2017-10-14  |  13:05-13:10

Poster Area

Accessing MDR-TB Exposed Households: the PHOENiX MDR-TB Feasibility Study

Churchyard G, Gupta A, Swindells S, Hesseling A, Oppollo V, Suryavanshi N, Smith B, Hughes MD, Kim S, Shah S, A5300/P2003 Study Team

2017-10-14  |  14:14-14:30

Hall 13: Jalisco Hall