Clinical Case Discussions and Video Conference Archive

Originally broadcast live, these archived discussions link health providers from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine with providers from in-country partner institutions to address a wide range of clinical practice and science issues.

Hosted by Dr. Maunank Shah, this case-based webcast brings together clinicians caring for patients with active tuberculosis to discuss diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. Participants include clinical TB experts from the Johns Hopkins University Division of Infectious Diseases, University of California—Los Angeles and LA County TB program, Harvard University-Beth Israel, and local and regional health departments.

Tuberculosis Case Conference (2013-06-26)

Dr. Maunank Shah
Symptoms/radiography resolved 3 weeks later and no systemic symptoms. Would anyone have started empiric MDR-TB therapy for ‘pleural TB’? LTBI therapy? Regimen? Can we rule out early active TB? Risk of further drug-resistance acquisition if given monotherapy? 'Watchful waiting’?

Tuberculosis Case Conference (2013-05-15)

Dr. Maunank Shah
What happened, and why? Paradoxical reaction? Steroid taper too fast? Missed another cause of meningitis, e.g. cocci with negative serology early on? Would you have repeated the LP at this point? When would you consider a surgical intervention? How much steroid should we give now? Is there anything...

Tuberculosis Case Conference (2013-02-25)

Dr. Maunank Shah
Should skin/soft tissue TB abscesses be drained? What is the role of surgical treatment (i.e. pre-vertebral abscess) vs. medical management? How is the duration of steroids for treatment of TB pericarditis modified with HIV and ART usage ?