Continuing Medical Education for Family Practitioners and Hospital Specialists

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With funding from ANERA, CCGHE collaborated with Al-Quds University to develop and deploy two comprehensive online General Medicine training courses, one for Hospital Specialists and one for Family Practitioners. Facilitated topic discussions were conducted via videoconference between Johns Hopkins faculty experts and healthcare providers at three sites in Palestine (Gaza, Hebron and Ramallah). Topics included chronic diseases with high prevalance in Palestinian society such as cardiovascualr diseases, diabetes, tobacco-related cancer, hypertension, and dyslipidemia as well as fractures, sinusitis, back & knee pain, asthma, antibiotic use and breast health. Live topic discussions were archived for on-demand viewing, and both courses have been re-configured into a self-paced online format. CCGHE now provides a global audience with open access to both courses via the CCGHE website. The Family Practitioner course and Hospital Specialist courses are comprised of 12 and 6 lectures, respectively, and have enrolled more than 220 particpants. In addition to an online course evaluation, pre- and post-course knowledge assessments are available, and Certificates of Achievement have been awarded to more than 85 participants. 

Al-Quds University