Course Evaluation of a Continuing Medical Education Program for Nurses and Midwives in Uganda

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This course evaluation was conducted in 2011.

Hypertension presents a substantial burden on the world and Uganda is not immune to this disease. In a recent study, adults in the Rukungiri district in southwestern Uganda were shown to have a 30.5% prevalence of hypertension. (1)  Hypertension needs to be a priority for the health care delivery system in Uganda. Ugandan nurses provide a significant portion of the direct primary patient care.

To ensure that quality care of hypertension is provided by Ugandan nurses, a Continuing Medical Education (CME) course was developed by the Ugandan Nursing Counsel, Makerere University Faculty of Nursing, the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and the Hopkins Center for Clinical Global Health Education. This course, deployed as a distance learning course on CDrom was designed to provide access to this training for nurses in remote, rural settings in Uganda. This is the first such CME distance learning course for nurses in Uganda and it had the potential to make a significant impact on how hypertension is diagnosed and treated in Uganda. CD ROMSs were distributed by the Ugandan Nursing Council in December 2010. We propose to help them conduct a course evaluation of this CME program.  Feedback from the nurses participating in this course will be valuable to the team that developed the course to optimize the program and to inform the development of future programs.  The lessons learned from this initiative in Uganda may also be valuable for similar program, throughout Africa.