Curriculum Development Training in Uganda


The objective of the JHU Curriculum Development (CD) Team was to assist the MESAU institutional partners in establishing a core group of faculty CD experts/leaders, who will provide CD support and training to their own faculty.  An initial CD Workshop for 25 faculty leaders, representing each of the 5 MESAU institutions, took place in Kampala July 2011.  Each institution’s CD team engaged in intensive group work to create a revised curriculum for a medical school course prioritized by their institution. Key deliverables included establishing local CD expertise and the creation of 5 additional revised curricula for high priority courses that can be implemented at each institution and also shared with each other. 

As a result of the success of the Curriculum Development workshop in 2011, MESAU requested another workshop including training on curricular program evaluation and interprofessional education.  JHU sent faculty to Uganda and ran 2 additional workshops within the same week to maximize travel funds and address this request. The first workshop focused on training faculty on the steps of program evaluation and how to use this information to create a mechanism for standardized program evaluation in their home institution.

The Interprofessional Education workshop also included physicians, nurses, pharmacists, medical students and administrators and addressed the goals of interprofessional education and allowed participants to participate in practice exercises that relied on successful interprofessional communication. The workshop emphasized the importance of interprofessional education in fostering team-based care and improved communication among the different members of the healthcare team. 


Steve Sisson, MD; Mark Hughes, MD; David Kern, MD, MPH; Pat Thomas, MD; Jorie Colbert-Getz, PhD; and the MESAU-MEPI Consortium