Cutting off immigrants from public benefits means American children will pay the price

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The Baltimore Sun

Over the weekend, the Department of Homeland security announced that immigrants who legally use public benefits like food assistance, Medicaid or housing could be denied green cards in the future. To those who think that the U.S. has too many immigrants already, this new “public charge” rule may sound like a good idea. Why not make sure that those who get permanent residency can support themselves without government assistance?

Here’s why: American children will pay the price.

The U.S. economy relies heavily on immigrant labor and not just at the high skilled level. Immigrants play a critical role in the production of our country’s food. Nearly a quarter of construction workers are immigrants. We all benefit from the low-skill services that immigrants provide as janitors, landscapers, cooks, home health aides and more. What these jobs have in common is that the pay is low and often without benefits, like health insurance. . .