HIV testing behaviors among Latinos in Baltimore City

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Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health
In the US, HIV disproportionately affects Latinos who often present late in the disease. Baltimore has seen a recent rapid growth in its Latino population paralleled by an increasing impact of HIV/AIDS among Latinos. From 2009 to 2010, we performed a cross-sectional survey of Latinos accessing the Baltimore City Health Department (BCHD) Latino Outreach services to assess self-report of previous HIV testing, with particular attention to migration history and risk behaviors. Of 247 Latinos (46% male) accessing BCHD outreach services, 96% were foreign-born. Self-perceived HIV risk was not associated with actual risk behaviors or HIV testing. In multivariate models, previous HIV testing was correlated with knowledge of HIV transmission modes and knowing that a person with HIV can appear healthy. Consistent with CDC recommendations, HIV screening among Latino immigrants should not be limited to individuals with self-perceived risk for HIV. Promoting key pieces of HIV knowledge may improve HIV testing behaviors.
Chen NE, Meyer JP, Bollinger RC, Page KR. HIV Testing behaviors among Latinos in Baltimore City. J Immigr Minor Health. 2012 Aug 14(4); 540-51. PMCID:PMC3389229
  • University of California San Diego, San Diego, CA
  • Yale University, New Haven, CT