Introduction to biostatistics and research ethics


The Introduction to Biostatistics and Research Ethics courses are CCGHE distance learning initiatives designed to support research capacity-building efforts. However, evidence that it can improve knowledge and skills in health research, particularly in resource-poor settings, is limited. The research study compared the impact and acceptability of teaching two distinct content areas, Biostatistics and Research Ethics, through either on-line distance learning format or traditional on-site training, in a randomized study in India. Students in Arm 1 attended a 3.5-day on-site course in Biostatistics and completed a 3.5-week on-line course in Research Ethics. Students in Arm 2 attended a 3.5-week on-line course in Biostatistics and 3.5-day on-site course in Research Ethics.

Following completion of the research study, both online courses were made available on the CCGHE site.   Course are self-paced with lectures ranging from 5 to 20 minutes in length providing open access to a global audience of more than 2000 participants. 


Rakesh Aggarwal, Nancy Kass, Holly Taylor, Joseph Ali, John McCready, Anant Bhan, Paolo Miotti, Steve Sisson, and Sukon Kanchanaraksa