Johns Hopkins University Helping India Fight Covid Surge

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CBS Baltimore

India is facing a catastrophic surge in Covid cases, reporting more than 412,000 cases on Thursday, a new single-day record.
Hospitals are swamped, sending some people away.

Desperate families are turning to oxygen clinics on the street, while those in need of ventilators wait in ambulances outside overwhelmed hospitals.

Supplies are also running dangerously low.
“This has been a surge unlike any other,” Gupta said.

The country tops more than 20 million cases. Right now, only 2% of India’s population is vaccinated, and their goal is to provide them with not only supplies, but knowledge on how to deal with the crisis so India can start to heal, Gupta said.
“The ramifications of what’s happening now is going to have far-reaching consequences beyond this year,” Gupta said.