Notes from the Field--Tuberculosis Control Activities After Hurricane Harvey--Texas, 2017

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Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

emocha's video Directly Observed Therapy helped officials maintain continuity of care for TB patients following Hurricane Harvey.

. . . A total of 282 TB cases from 17 affected local or regional health departments, including 212 (75%) from one large urban county, were high priority TB cases with confirmed disease. Response efforts by affected local and regional health departments ensured that all but two of the 282 persons were accounted for within a week after the storm began. The remaining two were located the following week and connected to care. Sixty-one patients had already been placed on video-enabled DOT, 30 had TB disease (cases), and 31 had latent TB infection and needed DOT. Fifty-nine (97%) were monitored successfully and did not miss any medication doses. The aforementioned two patients who were lost during the storm and found a week later had TB disease (cases). Although respiratory illnesses among shelter residents were reported, no suspected cases of undiagnosed TB disease were identified . . .