Predictors of Perinatal HBV Transmission in an HIV/HBV Infected Cohort

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This study ended in 2014.

Hepatitis B virus (HBV) coinfection is common; affecting greater than 10% of HIV-infected individuals in resource-limited settings(1-3).  Although the impact of HIV disease on HBV coinfection has been studied in non-pregnant adults, little is known about the effects of HIV on HBV during pregnancy, particularly the rates of HBV MTCT in HIV/HBV coinfection and characteristics of transmitted HBV infection.  

Our study aims to examine the incidence of perinatal HBV transmission in an HIV/HBV coinfected cohort of pregnant women in the SWEN study and to examine the predictors of HBV MTCT including the impact of maternal HBV viral load and molecular HBV characteristics.