Raj and Kamla Gupta

Raj L. Gupta has served as Chairman of APTIVE PLC (formerly Delphi Automotive PLC) since March 2015. From 1999-2009, Mr. Gupta was Chairman and CEO of Rohm Haas, and he held a variety of posts with the company beginning in 1971. He was elected a vice president of the company and was named director of the Pacific Region in 1993. Early in 1996, Mr. Gupta became one of six members of the Chairman’s Committee and was given oversight responsibility for the company’s Electronic Materials Business Group. In December 1998, Mr. Gupta was elected to the Board of Directors, and was named Vice Chairman in January 1999. He became Chairman and CEO on October 1, 1999. Mr. Gupta assumed the additional title of President in early 2005, and he held that title until May 2008. 

Mr. Gupta holds a BS degree in mechanical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (1967), an MS degree in operations research from Cornell University (1969), and an MBA in finance from Drexel University (1972). He is a past Chairman of the American Chemistry Council and the Society of Chemical Industry, America Section. He is a member of the boards of Arconic Inc., IRI and is Chairman of Avantor Inc. 

Raj and Kamla had an arranged marriage in 1968, one week before Raj left India for his graduate studies at Cornell University. Mrs. Gupta is one of nine siblings, and an accomplished table player, very competitive tennis and golf player, and an avid gardener. She has been an incredible partner to Mr. Gupta for more than 50 years and an amazing mother to their two daughters, Amita and Vanita. Mrs. Gupta has made great sacrifices to support the family over the years, adapting to living in England, France, and the United States, and frequently traveling around the globe. In late 2017, the Guptas celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with extended family in India.

The Ujala Foundation was established in 2009, following Mr. Gupta’s retirement from Rohm and Haas Company. The foundation’s mission is based on the strong convictions of Mr. and Mrs. Gupta that good health and education truly make a difference in achieving one’s full potential. During the last decade, the Ujala Foundation, in partnership with the Haas Family on several ventures, has contributed nearly $15 million to institutions in Indian and the United States. Johns Hopkins University remains the biggest beneficiary, followed by Drexel and Cornell Universities, the Philadelphia Zoo, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pratham, Ekal Vidialaya, the American Indian Foundation, Indiaspora, and many others. Mr. and Mrs. Gupta hope to expand the scope of the Ujala Foundation in the future.