Role of Specialized Pro-resolving Mediators (SPMs) on Markers of Inflammation in HIV-infected Adults

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Dr. Rupak Shivikoti is leading this study. There has been a surge of recent studies focusing on the role of novel lipid mediators of inflammation called specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs). They are produced during inflammation as a negative feedback to resolve inflammation. However, the role of these SPMs have not been well-characterized in HIV despite multiple studies showing that unresolved inflammation is higher in HIV-infected individuals and harmful to their health.

In this study, we will address this research gap by thoroughly assessing the SPMs 1) to compare levels of SPMs between HIV-infected adults and HIV-uninfected adults, and 2) to determine the association of SPMs with markers of inflammation among HIV-infected adults. These results could be important from an intervention perspective: SPMs are particularly attractive therapeutic candidates for inflammation resolution because sustainable approaches hold promise (e.g.: fish oil as most of these SPMs are derivatives of omega-3 fatty acids). Our results could identify specific SPMs that are important in inflammation of HIV-infected adults. 


University of California, Davis