Toward a TB-Free India

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Interagency TB Newsletter

The Interagency TB Newsletter highlights the following five NIH-funded research studies in India, all of which are underway at Indo-JHU research sites in India. 

  • New Drugs: NIH supports three studies evaluating safety, tolerability and dosing strategies for novel drugs such as Delamanid, Bedaquiline and Linezolid for treating MDR-TB in children, adolescents and adults infected with or without HIV.
  • TB Meningitis: This devastating illness kills and disables more patients than any other form of TB, particularly young children under 5 years of age. In partnership with Hinduja Hospital, Johns Hopkins University will evaluate the impact of Delamanid for treatment of TB meningitis.
  • TB Treatment for Pregnant Women: A study led by BJ Medical College (BJMC) in Pune is evaluating whether it is safer for pregnant women to start Isoniazid therapy before delivery or post-childbirth.
  • Prevention: NIH will support a large prevention study called the PHOEXIx MDR TB trial, which aims to protect household contacts exposed to MDR-TB. This study will be conducted at the BJMC site in Pune and YRGcare in Chennai.
  • New Vaccines: The Serum Institute of India will begin a TB vaccine trial at the NIH RePORT sites in late 2016.