Venezuela’s Covid-19 death toll claims ‘not credible’, human rights group says

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The Guardian

Dr. Kathleen Page discusses Venzuela's capacity to confront the COVID-19 pandemic:

Page said Venezuela’s already collapsed health system was utterly unprepared for the coronavirus. When Covid-19 arrived in Venezuela, research showed:

  • A third of hospitals had no water supply and two-thirds only an intermittent supply.
  • 60% of hospitals reported shortages of gloves and face masks.
  • 76% of hospitals suffered soap shortages and 90% shortages of sanitizing gel.

“Under those conditions it is impossible to follow the basic guidelines to prevent hospital-acquired infections, which is hand-washing,” Page warned.

She added: “This is truly a critical situation that has profound implications for Venezuelans, for Venezuelan healthcare workers and really for the community at large because as we know, migration to and from Venezuelan continues to occur.”