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According to 2013 UNAIDS HIV/AIDS estimates, approximately 4500 Afghans are living with HIV with highest prevalence (4.4%) among injection drug users (IDUs). Despite low national HIV prevalence, Afghanistan has been identified as high risk for an HIV epidemic. According to a 2013 World bank article, HIV/AIDs In Afghanistan, "The HIV epidemic is concentrated mainly among injecting drug users. Afghanistan’s emerging epidemic likely hinges on a combination of injecting drug use and unsafe paid sex." The Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health has developed a strategic framework to maintain low HIV prevalence, which has inlcuded the establishment of the Afghanistan National AIDS Control Program (NACP) in 2003.


CCGHE has partnered with the Afghanistan NACP to develop and implement an eMOCHA®-based mobile Health application to optimize HIV prevention efforts.


HIV screening of sex workers

Project Ongoing?: 
Primary Aim(s): 
  • Optimize AIDS control programs in Afgahanistan by using an emocha®-based mHealth application to electronically and securely collect sensitive data from female sex workers