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IDCM CME Issue 1-12: Updates in HIV: Key Studies from the 2019 International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science

ID Clinical Minute
The 10th annual International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science was held July 21-24 in Mexico City, Mexico. The conference reviewed critical basic, translational, and clinical HIV research from around the world.

IDCM CME Issue 1-11: Latent Tuberculosis Infection: What to Know About Screening and Treatment

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Maunank Shah, MD, PhD
In 2016, the US Preventative Task Force issued guidance to recommend screening for LTBI in high risk populations, based on the evidence that treatment can prevent progression to active TB. Dr. Maunank Shah breaks down what clinicians should know about LTBI screening and treatment.

IDCM CME Issue 1-10: Solid-organ Transplants and HIV: A 30 Year Journey

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In the early years of the HIV epidemic, before the widespread use of effective antiretroviral therapy (ART), HIV-infection was considered by many to be an absolute contraindication to solid-organ transplantation.

IDCM CME Issue 1-9: Measles Outbreaks in the United States and Vaccine Refusal

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Natasha Chida, MD, MSPH
Measles is a highly contagious viral disease. Following exposure, 90% of persons without immunity to the virus will develop measles.

IDCM CME Issue 1-8: U=U (Undetectable = Untransmittable)

ID Clinical Minute
By Chris Lippincott, MD, MPH

IDCM CME Issue 1-7: Five Key Studies from IDWeek 2018

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Natasha Chida, MD, MSPH
Dr. Natasha Chida summarizes new developments reported at the 2018 annual IDWeek conference

IDCM CME Issue 1-5: Updates in C Diff: Rapid Review of the 2018 IDSA Guidelines

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Natasha Chida, MD, MSPH
C. diff is one of the most common healthcare-associated infections in the United States; this issue covers the latest updates in testing and clinical care.

IDCM CME Issue 1-4: The Guinea Worm: Going...Going...

Chris Lippincott, MD, MPH

IDCM CME Issue 1-3: Old Disease in Modern Times: Plague and the 2017 Madagascar Outbreak

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Natasha Chida, MD, MSPH
The 2017 Madagascar outbreak highlights how under-resourced health systems can put a country at risk for a serious infectious disease outbreak, and how public health strategies can control the spread of disease.


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