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IDCM Issue 11: Rapid Clinical Review: Strongyloidiasis

Natasha Chida, MD, MSPH
Strongyloidiasis is an important global health problem. Learn more in this issue of ID Clinical Minute.

IDCM Issue 10: Key Studies from IDWeek 2016

Natasha Chida, MD, MSPH
Check out some of the key findings from IDWeek in this issue of ID Clinical Minute

IDCM Issue 9: The Evolving Science of Zika Virus

Natasha Chida, MD, MSPH
This month we review important updates about the virus

IDCM Issue 8: Antibiotic Resistance

Natasha Chida, MD, MSPH
AMR is one of the greatest health threats facing the world today.

IDCM Issue 7: Rapid Article Review: Staying Up to Date with ID

Natasha Chida, MD, MSPH
Dr. Chida reviews findings of particular interest for ID providers and relevant for the wider medical community.

IDCM Issue 6: Syphilis: The Great Masquerader

Natasha Chida, MD, MSPH
Diagnosing syphilis can be tricky. Here's what clinicians should know.

IDCM Issue 5: Does My Adult Patient Have Strep Throat?

Natasha Chida, MD, MSPH
Sore throat is a common outpatient condition.

IDCM Issue 4: Quick Facts about Zika Virus

Natasha Chida, MD, MSPH
The Zika virus (ZIKV) is a flavivirus that was first identified in 1947 in Uganda

IDCM Issue 3: Updates in HIV for All Providers: Key Studies from the 2016 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections

Natasha Chida, MD, MSPH
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 1 in 96 persons living in the United States (US) will get diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime.

IDCM Issue 2: Flu Quick Facts: Information You Need for Discussing Flu Vaccination with Patients

Natasha Chida, MD, MSPH
Flu causes serious morbidity and mortality.


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