TB Case Discussion (2017-05-17)

Dr. Maunank Shah
Clinicians faced diagnostic challenges when a 60 year-old man presented with fever and respiratory distress with hypoxia.

India HIV Case Discussion (2016-07-21) Case 1

Dr. Piyush Prajapati, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences
A 35 y/o female presents with headache and giddiness for 13-15 days; vomiting, decreased appetite and generalized weakness for 10 days; detected HIV positive 10 days prior. A case of CNS Toxoplasmosis.

India HIV Clinical Case Discussion (2015-12-17) - Case 1

Dr. Jagdale Nilesh
A 39-year-old man with a past medical history of HIV on ART (last CD4 count of 230) and pulmonary TB/TB meningitis diagnosed 2 months prior...

India HIV Clinical Case Discussion (2015-10-15) - Case 2

Dr. Vivek Singh Rathore
32 year old male, driver by occupation, presented with complaints of: Swallowing difficulty, both for solids & liquids since 2 months, weakness in Rt. Upper & Lower limb with difficulty in lifting & holding objects with right hand - 15 days, difficulty in walking - 15 days.

India HIV Clinical Case Discussion (2015-06-17) - Case 2

Dr. Shrikant Hegade
36 y/o HIV seropositive male with pulmonary koch and CNS tuberculomas admits with c/o abdominal pain, swelling of both LL, fever, decreased urine output, scrotal swelling and pain. H/o night sweats and weight loss. Baseline CD4= 175. MRI brain s/o lesion in Lt. occipital region.
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