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Dr. Nishi Suryavanshi
July 3, 2020

When community health workers used a mobile health intervention with HIV+ women to deliver care, there was a higher uptake of exclusive breastfeeding at two months and early infant HIV diagnosis at six weeks


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Mobile health around the globe: emocha delivers knowledge at the point of care

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Interview with Dr. Larry Chang about the emocha mobile health platform

Exploring the role of mobile technology as a health care helper

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The New York Times
Dr. Larry Chang, a Johns Hopkins researcher who studied H.I.V./AIDS and the use of technology in Uganda, said that “over the past decade of working in Africa you really started seeing this amazing growth in the use of mobile phones and it seemed obvious to use it for global health.” While mobile...

2007 Laureate in Healthcare, 21st Century Achievement Award

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Computerworld Honors Program: Honoring those who use IT to benefit society.
CCGHE is among the 2007 honorees (page 149)