Colter Billings

Baltimore, Maryland
Communications Specialist
Colter Billings

Colter Billings is a Communications Specialist for JHII and CCGHE. He creates content and manages projects that amplify the mission and work of the JHII and the CCGHE. Generating and executing cross-platform communications plans, developing strategic messaging, tracking engagement and coordinating with other JHU communications teams are elements of that role.

He joins CCGHE and JHII after four years as the Content and Marketing Strategist for Missouri State University-West Plains. He received a bachelor’s degree in journalism and media from Northeastern University in Boston.


Researchers Identify Biomarker that Heralds Poor Outcomes in TB Patients

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Dr. Akshay Gupte and colleagues discovered that elevated IL-6 can predict poor treatment outcomes, showcasing a need for including IL-6 in clinical screenings.