Clinical Case Discussions and Video Conference Archive

Originally broadcast live, these archived discussions link health providers from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine with providers from in-country partner institutions to address a wide range of clinical practice and science issues.

Hosted by Dr. Natasha Chida, Global Grand Rounds in Infectious Diseases (GGRID) assists health providers in caring for persons with infectious diseases (ID), using case-based instruction to provide accessible, evidence-based, and easy to use information. GGRID takes advantage of experts in global health and infectious diseases to present updated information.

All case presentations in this program have been standardized and quality assured in selection, presentation and discussion. Our goal is to publish and build a library of cases within this program to maximize the professional development of our presenters and the infectious disease knowledge of our learners.

Global Grand Rounds in Infectious Diseases (2017-10-25)

Dr. Akshaya Shewale
19 year-old man living in Pune, India, presents with 5 days of high grade fever with chills, nausea, vomiting, headache.

Global Grand Rounds in Infectious Diseases (2017-09-28)

Dr. Madhura Tinaikar and Dr. Shashikala Sangle
A 50 year old male with HIV. not on regular ART admitted with progressive distension of abdomen x 6 months.

Global Grand Rounds in Infectious Diseases (2017-07-20)

Natasha Chida, MD, MSPH
A 45 year old man presents to outpatient clinic with a 6-month history of numbness and weakness in right foot.