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Dengue remains a public health concern in the WHO Region of the Americas with 1.04 million dengue cases and 719 dengue-caused deaths reported in 2011. Scientists from the Fundación Santa Fe d Bogotá (FSFB) are working in a dengue endemic area of Colombia to optimize prevention efforts.


CCGHE has partnered with FSFB to develop and implement novel eMOCHA® applications to facilitate research on dengue vector density and develop local interventions for vector control.




Ecobiosocial approach for dengue vector control

Project Ongoing?: 
Primary Aim(s): 
  • Improve dengue prevention by using a novel emocha® application to facilitate collection and analysis of data on host ecological, biological and social (eco-bio-social) determinants of vector density (a proxy for dengue transmission)
  • Develop and evaluate a sustainable, community-centered management intervention directed at vector control using a mobile emocha®-based framework