News by Year - 2017

Tornheim Promoted to Assistant Professor

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Photo of Dr. Jeffrey Tornheim
His research explores whether 2 MDR-TB drug susceptibility tests using WGS & MIC can yield options for individualized treament.

Reduced Level of Disease Possible in India by the Centennial

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India Abroad
Photo of Dr. Amita Gupta
India ranks highest in global disease burden. Dr. Amita Gupta weighs in on how to reverse that.

Indo-Hopkins Partnership Seeks Causes of Sepsis in the NICU

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Sepsis among newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is a big problem in India, and a complex one to untangle.

How can we encourage female leaders in global health?

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Global Health Matters
Fogarty Director Dr. Roger Glass asks why so few women are leading global health centers at med schools or filling other leadership roles.

First lesson of herpes transmission: There is pretty much no way to know who gave you herpes

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SELF Magazine
Kathleen Page talks herpes transmission in a SELF Magazine feature.

Sick and afraid, some immigrants forgo medical care

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The New York Times
Photo of Dr. Kathleen Page
Dr. Kathleen Page in the New York Times: US government deportation crackdown is affecting healthcare access among undocumented immigrants.

Emocha Mobile Health expands to opioid addiction treatment

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Baltimore Sun
Photo of emocha mobile health application
Baltimore Sun: emocha received award to expand miDOT capabilities to help care providers treat opioid addiction.

emocha is looking to help treat opioid addiction

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Source: Baltimore
emocha received a $1.7 million grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse to complete the research studies ahead of its commercial release. The technology will be used in clinic-based treatment, with observation of take-home being a next step. The grant will help the startup validate the...

Emocha launches pilot to help recovering opioid addicts

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Baltimore Business Journal
Emocha will be piloting its platform in partnership with two opioid recovery clinics based at the University of Washington in Seattle and Boston University.

Vidya Mave Promoted to Assistant Professor

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Dr. Vidya Mave oversees clinical research & visiting researchers in India, including students conducting global health field studies

Company tests mobile health for tuberculosis treatment

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NIH: News and Events
Preliminary data show 93% treatment adherence using video observation, with savings of more than $1,000 per TB patient over 6 months

Fogarty International Center, a linchpin of global health research

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Bob Bollinger weighs in on NIH’s Fogarty Program & the strategic benefits the program offers for US disease surveillance.

CCGHE at ATS 2017

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Abstract presentations from the American Thoracic Society International Conference in Washington, DC

Amita Gupta and colleagues discuss female leadership in academic global health

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Amita Gupta
Drs. Gupta, Manabe, Mathad discuss need for more women in global health leadership at CUGH's annual meeting.

Women's Empowerment at BJGMC World TB Day 2017

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Posted 2017-04-03

Health on the Go: Mobile Clinic Delivers TB Services at Point of Need

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Thanks to Raj and Bharti Shah, CTIS, & the NB Shah Charitable Trust, we are able to reach more people in Maharashtra who need care

Study highlights burden of community-onset antimicrobial resistance in India

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Healio features an antimicrobial resistance study by Dr. Vidya Mave, et al.

CROI 2017 Highlighted ACTG Network Presentations

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ACTG Newsletter
A5274: Impact of INH adherence on TB incidence and mortality by week 96 in REMEMBER Trial Amita Gupta, MD, MHS, Baltimore-Washington-India Clinical Trials Unit, co-PI and Investigator, Johns Hopkins University Clinical Research Site The A5274/REMEMBER trial team previously reported that among those...

An undercurrent of fear in Baltimore's immigrant communities

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The Baltimore Sun
On Sunday Feb. 12, hundreds of Latino, African-American, white and Asian neighbors marched in Highlandtown to Patterson Park chanting "No hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here!" Despite this moment of great solidarity, there was an undercurrent of fear among the undocumented immigrant...

CCGHE at CROI 2017

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Inflammation biomarkers, hepatoxicity during ART and IRT, TB treatment adherence--just some of the abstracts presented at CROI