News by Year - 2018

Gupta, Page named Hopkins Mission Honorees

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Hopkins Medicine
125 honorees were selected for their outstanding dedication to Hopkins' core values; CCGHE's Amita Gupta and Kathleen Page were among them.

Indian American donors gave more than $1.2 billion to US universities, colleges: report

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The American Bazaar
JHU President Ronald Daniels, Raj Gupta, Kamla Gupta Bob Bollinger, Amita Gupta, JH School of Medicine Dean Paul Rothman
Indian American donors have contributed more than $1.2 billion to US higher education institutions since 2000, according to a new study by the nonprofit Indiaspora.

Cutting off immigrants from public benefits means American children will pay the price

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The Baltimore Sun
Kathleen Page
Dr. Kathleen Page's OpEd in The Baltimore Sun discusses ripple effects that cuts in benefits to immigrants mean for American kids.

CCGHE at the Union 2018

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Our Union dance card is full! Check out CCGHE's schedule of presentations at this year's conference.

Perspectives: How can we improve mental health services for people living with HIV in the Asia-Pacific?

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Nishi Suryavanshi
People living with HIV are known to have higher rates of mental health issues, which can worsen their quality of life and affect adherence to HIV treatment.

Bollinger Installed as Raj & Kamla Gupta Professor of Infectious Diseases

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Raj and Kamla Gupta and Dr. Robert C. Bollinger
On September 5, CCGHE Director Dr. Robert C. Bollinger was installed as the inaugural recipient of the Raj and Kamla Gupta Professorship in Infectious Diseases, funded by the Ujala Foundation.

Doctor who tackled HIV and other infectious diseases in India honored

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India Abroad
Robert Bollinger
India Abroad article highlights the dedication of the Raj and Kamla Gupta Professorship in Infectious Diseases.

National Institutes of Health Awards emocha Mobile Health $1 Million for Multi-State Study

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Bob Bollinger: "It is critical for patients to take tuberculosis medication as prescribed, and research supports new adherence strategies. . . "

Amita Gupta and Sujata Bhatia: Doing a World of Good

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American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Amita Gupta
Amita Gupta is interviewed by AIChE about the intersection of chemical engineering and medicine.

$17M is awarded to support HIV, disease ecology, mHealth projects

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Global Health Matters
NIH Fogarty International Center Logo
Larry Chang's Multidisciplinary Research Training to Understand and Reduce HIV Incidence in Uganda is among the funded projects.

BJGMC Clinical Research Team Exceeds 6,000 Participant Enrollments in 4 Years

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Group Photo, BJGMC Clinical Research Site, 2016, Pune, India
The Indo-JHU Clinical Research partnership at BJGMC in Pune, India, is now one of the top enrollers among all ACTG research sites internationally.

Enhanced immigration enforcement in US could worsen HIV epidemic

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Infectious Disease News (via Healio)
Infectious Disease News-Healio
Kathleen Page: Immigrants living in fear of deportation often limit the use of services that they believe could expose them to authorities.

We Are Weill Cornell Medicine: Dr. Jyoti Mathad

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Dr. Jyoti Mathad
Video by Weill Cornell Medicine features Jyoti Mathad and her work with the Indo-JHU Clinical Research Partnership.

Infectious Diseases Can Be Tackled, Here are 3 Solutions

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The Hill
The Hill
Bob Bollinger: Quick delivery of care to sick patients eases the human impact and lowers the cost of disease.

Shah Receives Dr. David Glasser Memorial Award for TB Control in Maryland

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Award recognizes significant contributions to TB prevention & control in MD.

Smartphone App Keeps an ‘Eye’ on Daily Tuberculosis Therapy

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Johns Hopkins Medicine logo
Study shows success with TB therapy observation conducted via video instead of via in-person clinic visits.

World Tuberculosis (TB) Day Recognized with Community Event at BJGMC

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World Health Day group activities at BJGMC Clinical Research Site in Pune, India
This year's themes: Maintaining healthy nutrition, addressing mental health challenges, and the latest in TB research.

Tornheim Receives W. Leigh Thompson Excellence in Research Award

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Dr. Jeffrey Tornheim
Jeff Tornheim's research on drug-resistant tuberculosis in India garners high honors from Johns Hopkins Department of Medicine.

Isoniazid preventive therapy: do the risks outweigh the benefits in pregnant women with HIV?

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. . . Isoniazid preventive therapy (IPT) during and after pregnancy in women living with HIV on antiretroviral therapy (ART) in tuberculosis (TB) endemic areas in Africa, Asia and Haiti resulted in serious adverse events quite possibly attributable to isoniazid with no significant reduction in TB...

Adverse pregnancy outcomes with isoniazid preventive therapy in HIV

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Infectious Disease Advisor
. . . The safety of IPT in pregnant women with HIV is unknown, especially with regard to its combination with highly active antiretroviral therapy (ART). Amita Gupta, MD, deputy director of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Clinical Global Health Education at the Johns Hopkins University...