HIV Antiretroviral Selection Support and Interactive Search Tool (ASSIST)

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HIV-ASSIST is an evidence based, web platform designed and developed by experts at Johns Hopkins University to assist and educate clinicians in personalizing ARV regimens for their patients. This tool is designed to be used for adult patients only.

The goals are to provide:

  • Patient-centric antiretroviral decision support
  • Educational information and resources to support evidence-based care

HIV-ASSIST factors in current guidelines with patient factors to construct a 'Weighed Score' and provide a weighted list of appropriate ART regimens.  The tool offers a variety of educational resources, including ARV all-in-one information sheets, dosing information, drug interactions, and opportunistic infection prophylaxis guidance.

Dr. Maunank Shah, Jane McKenzie-White, and Dr. Natasha Chida are conducting an evaluation of the platforn, which includes focus group participation and knowledge assesment.