miDOT (Directly Observed Therapy)

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Designed by Dr. Maunank Shah, the miDOT mobile health application is a video-based Directly Observed Therapy interface that uses the emocha Mobile Health platform to remotely connect patients on long-term tuberculosis therapy with clinicians who are required to witness patients taking medication. Patients use their mobile device to video themselves taking medication and then upload the videos to a secure server. A public health official is able to retrieve the video and approve medication administration. The application is also used for patient management—it sends reminders to patients, and informs providers about patient status. miDOT saves patients a daily trip to the health department and maximizes public health resources and efficiency.

First piloted with the Baltimore City Health Department, miDOT is currently being used with great success in Harris County, Texas, which was named by the US Centers Disease Control and Prevention as a 2016 TB Elimination Champion. emocha Mobile Health recently landed contracts with Fresno, Merced, and Contra Costa Counties in California for miDOT, and the technology is being used in research studies in Baltimore City, and Caroline, Anne Arundel, and Montgomery Counties in Maryland, and in Sydney, Australia. miDOT is also being pilot tested in Pune, India, under the coordination of Dr. Sachin Atre.


emocha Mobile Health, Baltimore, MD