Democratic Republic of Congo

According to 2012 WHO estimates, life expectancy in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is approximately 50 years. Infant mortality rates are high, and the maternal mortality rate is among the highest in the world. Prevailing diseases include malaria, tuberculosis (TB), and cholera. In addition, a 2013 UNAIDS report ranked the DRC 12th in AIDS-related deaths worldwide with an estimated 34,000 new cases of HIV infection and 440,000 people living with HIV.


CCGHE has identifed the DRC as a country in great need of clinical training, and inroads to improving health care education have begun. CCGHE webcasts Johns Hopkins Infectious Diseases (ID) Grand Rounds to centers in the DRC and provides open access to all LIVE and ARCHIVED sessions via the CCGHE website. CCGHE has plans to develop and deploy many more distance education courses to this country.

Community preparedness for HIV vaccine trials in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Post Date: 
Culture, Health, and Sexuality
This paper reports on an assessment of community preparedness for HIV vaccine trials in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Formative research was conducted in the capital city of Kinshasa during the period October 2003 to March 2004 to answer questions pertinent to planning trials of a preventive...

Genetic diversification and recombination of HIV type 1 group M in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

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AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses
As the HIV-1 pandemic becomes increasingly complex, the genetic characterization of HIV strains bears important implications for vaccine research. To better understand the molecular evolution of HIV-1 viral diversity, we performed a comparative molecular analysis of HIV strains collected from high-...
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