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TREAT Asia Observational Database

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The TREAT Asia Observational Database's primary study objective is to: Examine HIV natural history, including the relationship between access to ART, demographics, and disease progression; short- and long-term responses to ART; impact of co-infections; HIV drug resistance patterns; and toxicity of...

TREAT Asia: Prevalence and Risk Factors for Oral Cancer among HIV-Infected Adults

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The study is designed as a cross-sectional, single time point study for opportunistic oral cancer screening of HIV-infected and non- HIV adults 21 years or older in an urban hospital. All participants will undergo screening for oral cancer and oral potentially malignant disorders (OPMD) by visual...

ONCOGRID: An mHealth Approach to Prevention and Early Diagnosis of Oral Cancer in Rural South India

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The Indian sub-continent is burdened with 80% of the world’s patients with oral cancer, and delay in oral cancer diagnosis is one of the major problems that leads to poor treatment outcomes (V. Shanta, R. Swaminathan, R. Rama. Cancer Control 2013). Current screening and treatment programs are not...

A5282: A Randomized, Phase II Trial to Compare an HPV Test-and-Treat Strategy to a Cytology-Based Strategy for Prevention of CIN 2+ in HIV-Infected Women

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The investigators are looking for a better way to prevent cervical cancer. This study is comparing two different methods to prevent cancer of the cervix in women who have HIV. This study will also see if these methods are safe and tolerable in women who have HIV.

Quit history, intentions to quit, and reasons for considering quitting among tobacco users in India: Findings from the Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation India Wave 1 Survey

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Indian Journal of Cancer
Background: GATS India 2009–10 revealed that more than one-third (35%) of adults in India use tobacco in some form: 21% use smokeless tobacco, 9% smoke, and 5% are mixed users (they smoke and use smokeless tobacco), and the quit rate is very low. In an effort to decrease prevalence of tobacco use,...

mHealth: Overview and Opportunities for Novel Cancer Research

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Bethesda, MD
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National Cancer Institute DCEG Fellows’ Training Symposium. National Institutes of Health

CTG Co-Infection and Malignancy (COIMAL) Transformative Science Group

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Vidya Mave, Member 2012–2014.