Nicky Mehtani

Baltimore, Maryland
Nicky Mehtani

Nicky Mehtani is a current 4th year medical student and will begin internal medicine residency through the Osler Urban Health Primary Care Leadership Track at Johns Hopkins Hospital this July. She started working with Dr. Page while obtaining her MPH in 2014 and completed a research project evaluating the effect of the Affordable Care Act on the demand for publicly-funded Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Clinics in Baltimore City. The study results were presented at the Preventive Medicine 2016 National Conference in Washington, DC, and the project was the recipient of the 2016 Policy Research Award from the Hopkins chapter of the SNMA (Student National Medical Association) for improving health in underserved populations. Nicky's interests include urban and global health disparities, and her research year was funded through a TL1 grant from the NIH for pre-doctoral clinical training and the Watt/Hansell Endowment full-tuition merit scholarship from the Bloomberg School of Public Health. During this year, she also conducted research on disparities in AIDS-associated mortality among intravenous drug users in Baltimore City and lead the conduction of a systematic review on measles vaccination in HIV-infected infants, which helped change a 2015 policy set forth by the WHO (World Health Organization).

2016 SNMA Student Research Award. Abstract presentation (first Author) 2016 American Conference of Preventive Medicine (ACPM), Arlington, Virginia, Feb. 2016. Hopkins GIM David Levine Awardee.

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Continued importance of sexually transmitted disease clinics in the era of the Affordable Care Act

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American Journal of Preventive Medicine
Introduction: Following the 2014 expansions of Medicaid and private health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, municipal sexually transmitted disease (STD) clinics-which have historically served predominantly uninsured patients-have been threatened with budget cuts nationwide. This study was...